by Arf on March 13, 2022

Despite BlockFi's $100M penalty, demand for crypto lending is here to stay.

Arf’s Perspective: This fine has been a $100M USD worth of regulatory clarity from the SEC to all crypto lending/yield companies out there. This type of lending is indeed a security product according to the SEC and must be registered as such. However, it seems that these types of products are just getting started to become the norm for accessing key liquidity facilities such as short-term working capital for companies all around world as well as a viable investment where traditional interest rates are much lower in comparison. Although one can expect that long-term crypto yields and interest rates will converge as the crypto lending market starts to mature and later saturate, but the global, 24/7, instant and permissionless access to the crypto lending facilities may prove enough to keep them as the preferred liquidity/investment tool in the future.

Read the original post by Pitchbook here.

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