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October 6, 2022

Arf won the PAY360 Award for its use of blockchain in financial services

ZUG, October 6, 2022—The VQF-regulated global settlement banking platform won the Silver PAY360 Award in the “Best Use of Crypto and/or Blockchain in Financial Services” category.

The PAY360 winners were announced at the award ceremony in London, on October 5th. Arf, the cross-border settlement banking platform, received the Silver Award in the “Best Use of Crypto and/or Blockchain in Financial Services” category.

The PAY360 Awards is the most prestigious event of the year in the UK payments industry. Hosted by The Payments Association, the largest community in payments, it celebrates innovation and collaboration by recognizing companies that have made significant advances in payments.

“We are honored by this award given by the leaders of the UK payments industry,” said Arf CEO Ali Erhat Nalbant. 

“Arf’s technology utilizes blockchain and attested digital assets to provide real-time cross-border settlements with zero prefunding. For licensed money service businesses and financial institutions around the world, we solve the decades-long problems of cross-border payments. We are happy to be recognized as one of the leading players in the industry.”

By bringing the best of Web3 technologies and traditional finance together, Arf is positioned right at the heart of cross-border payments evolution. The firm will keep developing cutting-edge technology to provide global treasury management and working capital credit lines for financial institutions and licensed money service businesses worldwide.

Arf recently received the approval of the Financial Services Standard Association (VQF) through its entity in Zug, Switzerland. The firm also announced the launch of Arf Credit Line in April, which provides MSBs instant access to transactional working capital credit lines, and allows any corridor to be post-funded in real-time.

About Arf
Arf is a global settlement banking platform, providing real-time fiat-to-fiat cross-border settlements, stablecoin-based credit lines, and global treasury management for financial institutions and licensed money service businesses (MSBs).

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