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Together with our clients, we revolutionize the cross-border payments industry. Read our case studies to learn more about the incredible results.
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The cross-border payments industry still heavily relies on prefunding to make same-day settlements. There are more than $4 trillion trapped in prefunded accounts today, a massive but hidden cost on financial institutions and the overall global payments industry.
Locked amount of capital in pre-funded accounts
A remittance company teamed up with Arf to meet the increasing demand for payments in the Europe-Africa corridor. Within two months, more than 800 money transfer locations in Europe started to make real-time settlements with their partners without prefunding.
Money transfer locations making same-day settlements
Growth in volume in two months
2 months
Time it took to achieve 6-month growth objectives
Discover how more than 800 money transfer locations in Europe started to make same-day settlements with their partners.
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