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With a commitment to transparency, Arf aims to enhance access to capital for cross-border financial institutions globally
About Arf
Arf is a global liquidity platform for licensed financial institutions in cross-border payments.

Regulated in Switzerland, Arf is headquartered in Zug, and has teams in Istanbul, London, and New York.

Arf is backed by leading DeFi and fintech investors including Circle Ventures, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), United Overseas Bank (UOB) Venture Management, Fenbushi Capital, Signum Capital, Hard Yaka, NGC Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, and 500 Emerging Europe.
Our mission is to empower cross-border payment companies, enabling them to access liquidity and deliver exceptional services to their customers. Through our fully transparent and compliant solutions, we are democratizing access to liquidity and revolutionizing financial inclusion on an unprecedented scale. By breaking down barriers and bridging gaps, we aim to create a more connected and accessible global financial landscape.

Top-tier Technology

Seamless infrastructure with native on-ramp and off-ramp capabilities to move value across borders

Right Settlement Assets

Arf only uses real-world-asset-based and attested digital assets like USDC


Regulated in Switzerland, Arf only provides services to licensed financial institutions, ensuring compliance
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Arf Financial GmbH is a Member Of The VQF Self-Regulatory Organization (VQF SRO Member Nr. 101012) for combating money laundering and preventing terrorism financing.
Turmstrasse 18, 6312 Steinhausen Switzerland