Liquidity for
cross-border payments, unlocked.

Short-term. Receivable-backed. Revolving.
Cross-border payments require liquidity for growth. Arf unlocks capital without constraints for borderless transactions, in a fully transparent and compliant manner.
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A regulated liquidity and settlement platform for cross-border payment companies

Top-tier Technology

Seamless infrastructure with native on-ramp and off-ramp capabilities to move value across borders

Right Settlement Assets

Arf only uses real-world-asset-based and attested digital assets like stablecoin


Regulated in Switzerland, Arf only provides services to licensed financial institutions, ensuring compliance

Arf Credit Line

Expand your business at scale with Arf Credit Line, the world's first regulated, transparent, and short-term liquidity solution designed to empower cross-border payments.

Why Arf Credit Line

Expand your business at scale with Arf Credit Line, the world's first regulated, short-term liquidity solution designed to empower cross-border payments.
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Unlock working capital for global transactions
Access liquidity for cross-border payments, in any corridor you need.
Eliminate prefunding needs
Utilize capital for growth and expansion instead of prefunding.
Access always-on treasury
Manage your global treasury seamlessly and 24/7.
Pay faster and in real-time
Settle transactions in real time without being bound to traditional rails

Arf Insights

February 1, 2023

USDC Use Cases for Cross-Border Payments

Within just a few years, USDC demonstrated its utility as a revolutionary tool for facilitating borderless payments. Its stability, as a result of being pegged to the value of the US [...]

August 17, 2023

The Role of Digital Assets in Cross-Border Payments

In today's global economy, the efficient flow of cross-border payments is essential for international trade and financial transactions. However, traditional cross-border [...]

August 1, 2023

What Are Liquidity Pools and Why Are They Important?

Liquidity pools have revolutionized the way trading and lending occur in DeFi platforms, providing liquidity and facilitating global transactions. Understanding what [...]

June 15, 2023

Global Cross-Border Payment Flows: Current Landscape

Global cross-border payments have become increasingly crucial for facilitating global trade and economic development due to the growth of international trade, digital [...]

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